About Me



I was born in the U.S.A. but left soon after I graduated from university with an anthropology degree to explore the world.  I have lived abroad for almost 20 years, first in East Asia (Tokyo and Shanghai) for some years and afterwards in Europe (Amsterdam, London, Oxford, Stockholm and now Zurich).  I am a self-taught photographer, but I have many degrees from universities around the world, however, my art degree is the most influential in my photography.

When I am taking pictures, I prefer to keep things simple. I use a Nikon Df with a 35mm lens and a flash, if necessary.  During post-production, I do not hesitate to experiment with Photoshop to create photographs the way I would like them.  I am certified in Adobe Photoshop.  Colors are bright, contrasts are high and I do like to work with texture and graininess when appropriate.