London is one of the best known cities in the world. Thousands of books have been written about its history and people and we constantly see it in movies and news broadcasts all over the world. However, apart from this public London, with some of the world’s most iconic sites, there is also a London showing itself in a more discrete and temporary way, only available for the moment and to the people present right there, right then. This is the London I have tried to capture in this book, based on pictures I have taken over the last year, from autumn 2013 to late spring 2014.

This is very much my own London that I am sharing and the scenery it offers on a daily basis. These scenes have not been there for hundreds of years and will not be there tomorrow, but has more to do with the weather, a reflection in a puddle or the mood of the commuters in the underground. There is a beauty in itself to this, something that made me stop for a minute and capture the moment with my camera.